Necromancer's Light (Exotic Warlock gauntlet concept) (Fan Creations)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Monday, October 12, 2015, 09:06 (3148 days ago)

Necromancer's Light (Warlock Gauntlets)

"You are a conduit. Between sky and earth. Electricity and matter. Life and death."

Directed Electrical Flux of Instant Betterment- Landfall can instantly revive a Guardian, while Stormtrance can revive fallen Guardians at range and speed up cooldown timers.


What it does: Give the Stormtrance Super the ability to revive teammates in different ways. Opens an opportunity to quickly shift the odds of an encounter, while offering a trade-off for Stormcallers who wish to use their ability in a more support-oriented way. Focusing the stormtrance on a downed teammate causes the cooldown timer to speed up (three times the normal speed), which can be very useful in Darkness Zones. While Landfall revives are instant, Stormtrance revives occur at normal speed, although it does take into account armors that speed up revives. Stormtrance revives do not grant overshield, however, so use at your own risk (although the Stag helmet can override that), though Landfall revives do grant an overshield to the person being revived (as he may be caught off guard by the sudden revive).

Why: Destiny is missing a "Combat Medic" class, and the Stormcaller class has the potential to fill that role. Many situations quickly deteriorate for players when one of the team is dead (King's Fall, anyone?), so many people might find that the trade off of sacrificing their offense-based Super is worth it to keep their team in play, especially in situations where the cooldown timer (such as in Darkness Zones) can prove detrimental to a team's strategy.

Aesthetics: I wanted the exotic to be all about disparity; from the name that invokes both darkness and light, to the way the gauntlets look vicious and deadly (which contrasts the way they give life and hope). They focus an offense-heavy crowd-control Super into a healing role that focuses on a single teammate at a time, and it all fits in with the theme of life and death, dying and revival.
For that, I used the Daedric gauntlets from Skyrim, which look awesome, distinct, and dangerous.

Balance: Players are more encouraged to sit and focus the dangerous Super (and its Landfall perk) on a teammate, which may be far from enemy targets, causing the Stormcaller to sacrifice it for a different purpose.
The use of it is situational, but can also encourage players to hold on to it (similar to Sunsingers), which may also be detrimental to the team, so players have to make tough decisions about their Super use, which can be an even more serious responsibility during Trials.

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