Strategy for tonight's HM Oryx Kill (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 15:25 (1672 days ago)

Since we may have one or two new people for tonight's XBox One Kings Fall raid, I figure I'd document the strategy we used last week.

1 Runner
2 Floaters (one of which must be a Titan, both must have Touch of Malice)
3 Platformers

When the Taken spawn at start, we'll wait for them to reach the center before using a Black Hole tether to kill them quickly (and the knights). This generates orbs and ammo for future use.

The Runner's job is similar to normal, but he must let the platform team know when he has the Relic, when he has the Brand, and when Oryx is opening his chest (three separate call outs). After stealing the Brand, the runner should get to the center as soon as possible and keep firing at Oryx.

When Oryx slams the first platform, the Titan floater pops his bubble between the sister platforms (Blessing, Bastion, Untouchable). The two floaters use Touch of Malice and Blessing of Light to quickly kill each Ogre in turn. With 4 Ogres down, the Floaters focus on Knight 4 (and any others left alive) until it's time to stagger Oryx.

The Platform team is assigned a specific order - the same person will get on the first required platform, another person will always get the second required platform (this should be the person with lowest light), and the last person will always get on the third platform. These assignments mean that as Oryx moves around the map for each cycle, the platformers will be jumping on different platforms (but always in the same order). As with normal, they should call out when they're on their platform so the next person can get on their platform.

Note that the first platformer should run around his platform as soon as he gets on it for a few seconds - Oryx usually fires at this platform immediately. This person can also usually help with Ogre 4 before having to move to center.

Each platformer should kill the knight that spawns on the opposite side of the map after the Ogre closest to them is killed. Two sniper head shots will drop them. After the relic has been obtained, the platform team should rush to the center. They can finish off their knights from there if they have time, or call out any that are still alive. After the Brand has been stolen, the platform team should focus fire on the vessel (yellow bar knight). After the vessel is killed, the platform team can assist with knights and adds until the Runner calls out that Oryx is ready for stagger.

After the stagger, the the entire fireteam except the runner will focus on killing adds for 5-10 seconds. Platformer 2 and 3 should focus on adds spawn-side. Platformer 1 and the floater titan should focus on adds Saturn-side. The second floater will help whichever side has more adds (usually the side away from Oryx). When all centurions and eyes are down and there are minimal remaining taken, we'll call out the bomb run. Each platformer and one floater will be assigned a specific bomb, regardless of which platform they jumped on. As with normal, we'll count down to entering the bomb.

The airstrike phase is the same as normal, each bomb detonator will run around their platform. Keep sprinting and avoid any fire on the ground left by the knights.

The Thunderdome phase is similar to normal. After the dome is created, kill the two knights that spawn on the Saturn-side platforms. As with normal, add control outside the dome is critical. As soon as you're teleported, run to the edge of the fog to avoid the Shade - it may already be slamming the center. After the slam, if we have a hunter he should tether the Shade to hold him there for a few seconds. If we have a second titan, he titan can pop a Blessing of Light bubble in the dome for extra shields.

Rinse, repeat, kill Oryx. If we get all 4 bombs each time, It'll take 1 airstrike and two Thunderdomes to finish. It's a complicated fight, but this works.

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