Sweet Business (Destiny)

by yakaman, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 09:58 (2456 days ago)

Dipped my toe into Crucible. As could be expected, I struggled to find a rhythm as I was experimenting with different guns. Nothing was really standing out, and I was getting beat pretty regularly in firefights...which I generally interpret as not having the right tool for the right situation.

Anyway...browsing through my weapons I noticed the previously found, but quickly forgotten, exotic auto rifle Sweet Business. So I gave it a try.



It takes a little practice, and good players will quickly learn how to counter (flanking FTW), but holy shit. I feel a little bit dirty using it. Super fun to wind up and walk like a tank into a fire fight. Just drains shields and HPs, and seems to panic opposing players.

It's like walking around with a heavy chain gun. It chews through ammo, but you respawn with full ammo again after you die.

Am I a bad person if I cheese the ever-living shit out of this? Feels like something they might nerf in the future.


Sweet Business

by RaichuKFM @, Northeastern Ohio, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10:31 (2456 days ago) @ yakaman

Personally, I've had to use smart play in the right situations with it, but when it works, it really works.

Though there are also some times where, in a game where range and ammunition have pushed my playstyle towards being best served by 720 or 600 RPM guns rather than 900, I can just enjoy shooting a good old bullet hose.

Loving it.

by DEEP_NNN, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 11:22 (2456 days ago) @ yakaman

Walked into MM for the first time with it and my son was watching. He was impressed.

I'm sure a lot of guardians pee themselves when they round a corner, too late noticing a SB already spooling up.

If a radar sector is full, I start spooling it up and walk around the corner. I don't zoom in until I see a target.

The balance is in the spool up time. If they have the drop on you, switch to energy weapon.


You aren't using MIDA so +++

by Harmanimus @, Monday, September 25, 2017, 12:18 (2455 days ago) @ yakaman

- No text -

You aren't using MIDA so +++

by yakaman, Monday, September 25, 2017, 13:20 (2455 days ago) @ Harmanimus

I was actually getting wrecked pretty regularly by MIDA. Is that considered OP currently?


You aren't using MIDA so +++

by ManKitten, The Stugotz is strong in me., Monday, September 25, 2017, 14:49 (2455 days ago) @ yakaman

I've been using a Scathelock and when 1v1 I usually walk away, Mida or not.

NOW, if it's two people head on, I will probably lose.

If I'm flanking, I can take out 3 people easy with one clip. (and I have because I'm awesome.)

BUT if I'm facing multiples and at least one of them have a Mida, it's insta-death. If teamshooting Mida's, game over man. Game over.

And I laugh at your Sweet Business. MWAhahaaaaa I'm unstoppable with my load out.

In fact, I take it all back. I'll take on 4 Midas and walk away unscratched. I'm like Neo and Trinity in the lobby.

Are you drunk?

by yakaman, Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 19:29 (2453 days ago) @ ManKitten

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