TWAB - 09/02/2021 - Pretty Mundane Stuff (Destiny)

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Part I: Play weekly stuff

Hear more from Savathun

Part II: Good job community.

Get your shirts for helping out others

Part III: Cool Spotlight

Kermit pointed this out already but its pretty cool to see a live orchestra adapt to a live playthrough.

Part IV: Weapons

  • LORENTZ DRIVER nerf: Typically, when we make an Exotic, we start from the position that its gameplay fantasy should work in all game modes, and then dial it back from there as needed. Lorentz Driver's core fantasy is receiving bounties, hunting them down and collecting your reward, and the target markers are key to this, so we opted to keep them at launch and see how it played in the wild. It turns out that a change is definitely needed, so we've removed the target markers from players to remove the free info you get in PvP for having the weapon equipped while preserving the weapon’s fantasy in PvE.
  • Updated Banner weapons perks: All Iron Banner weapons from Season of Arrivals onwards have been able to use the new Iron Banner perks. These perks were left out of the two brand-new Season of the Lost Iron Banner weapons, so we've picked one perk that we feel works well on each of them and added it in the second trait column.

Part V: Hotfix 3.3.01

Mostly changes to how things look. Can now make Radiant Dance Machines change color. Also. Crossplay Chat should work now but it's not on the list here. See here for details.

  • The Withering Heat artifact mod will correctly describe the mod’s perks.
  • The Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter leg armor's elemental affinity will be able to be changed.
  • Shaders will be able to be applied to the Radiant Dance Machines, No Backup Plans, and Nothing Manacles Exotics and to the newest Iron Banner armor sets.
  • The Illuminus Grasps Hunter arms ornament with subclass glow will be available for Armor Synthesis.
  • Progression toward the Tracing the Stars quest will now count if players pick up Atlas Skews before they pick up the quest, or if they pick up Skews on another character.
  • The Lucidity pre-order emblem from The Witch Queen can now be reclaimed from the Collections tab.

Known issues:

  • We have issued a server-side fix to resolve an issue where Tier 3 Focused Umbral Engrams had no weekly limit.
  • The Decrypting the Darkness quest cannot be obtained from the Umbral Decoder, and access to it and the Prismatic Recaster cannot be unlocked.
  • The barriers surrounding the Scorch Cannons in the Fallen Walker public event repel anything near them, preventing Heroic completions of the event.
  • The Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock helmet no longer extends burn damage on enemies.
  • Due to an issue where Titans could unintentionally do large amounts of damage with their throwing hammers, we have temporarily disabled the Wormgod Caress Exotic Titan gauntlets.
  • Due to an issue that allows Hunters to dodge an unintended amount of times in a row, we have temporarily disabled the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter pants in Gambit and all PvP activities.
  • The Red War Collections badge became unfinished with the redistribution of the Exodus Down armor. This does not affect any previously earned titles that required the completion of this badge.
  • The Wicked Overgrowth Iron Banner shader is not obtainable.
  • The Proving Grounds strike doesn't appear for players on Nessus if they didn't unlock it before Season of the Lost.
  • The Promethium Spur Exotic Warlock leg armor now seems to require a Solar weapon to create healing and empowering rifts, which can only be created one time.
  • Error code POTATO may be appearing more frequently for PC players because Steam doesn't recognize the installation folder.
  • The K1 Crew Quarters Legend Lost Sector on the Moon says Void burn in the director and totem, but has Arc burn in the activity.
  • The Share the Glass emblem can’t be acquired from Bungie Rewards. This issue will be resolved on September 7

Part VI: Movies & Art

Thanks for the summary!

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Solid Post.

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