The BIG POST of Useful Sites; D.I.M, light.gg, and more! (Destiny)

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~Cool Stuff~

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Vendors (Yo! Where F*n Xur)
Eververse Calendar
Lost Sector Calendar

Raid Report
Dungeon Report

Guardian Report
Crucible Report
Trials Report

Destiny K/D

"Destiny Tracker"


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-Google Docs-

Destiny 2 Damage Buffs/Debuffs + Stacking Graphic + Combatant Types/Champions Guides

Massive Breakdown's Destiny 2 Weapon Stats Spreadsheet

Damage Chart Madness (PvE, Raid)

Destiny 2 Reset Calendar

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=Added by The DBO Collective=

Sometimes, resistance is actually futile! This Section here for "just in case" it is decided that there is an omission that needs to be corrected. If there is something at a whole bunch of us use that really should be on this BIG POST, then an admin. can go and add to this post without risking the extensive formatting. Just a really easy copy and paste. You're welcome.

Though, if all you see is this comment, well... Cool!

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-(Just a FEW) Destiny Reddits-

Destiny The Game Dark Mode Vers.| Light Mode Vers.| "Modern" Format | @DestinyReddit

Crucible Guidebook Old Format | "Modern" Format

Shard it or Keep it? Old Format | "Modern" Format | @panda_pax

Raid Secrets Dark Mode Vers.| Light Mode Vers.| "Modern" Format

Destiny 2 Dark Mode Vers.| Light Mode Vers.| "Modern" Format

Destiny Memes Old Format | "Modern" Format

Note: It's reddit, so... there are MANY more. These listed here are but a solid baseline.

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7=Official Bungie.Inc Sites=7
(Hint: Not here.)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧https://www.bungie.net/✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

--Bungie Twitters--

While there are many others, these tend to give the most useful information.
Note: Twitters attached to mostly water/carbon based meat puppets also sometimes tweet about something called a... lyfe?

Wiki Links



Other Sites

You Are Here
There is No Other Website
->Do you gamble? Fantastic! Let's go read comments on the Internet!<-
Visit “Front Page”
HBO but with more boobs. (ROFL.)


In the X years since the initial 2014 launch of Destiny and 2017 launch of Destiny 2, there have been the enterprising few who (with the power of code) have built website (and app) based tools which (at minimum) help offset Destinies... um... "less-then-robust in-game capabilities".

In other words; These sites make managing your play in Destiny manageable. They are the solid baselines. With these sites you have at your fingertips probably everything the API allows. And for everything else that doesn't use the Destiny API, a ways to possibly fill in the gaps in "The Next Big Thing" this game, this company, shall bring.

As these sites are likely to be consistently updated and changed, I've chosen to not add any in-depth descriptors for what each site is all about. In short; Don't know what it is? Give it a look!

I've chosen to keep this list website based only, as this makes it the most universal. Some of these sites may also have corresponding apps/programs for some operating system of your choice, which I expect will be mentioned in their about pages or socials where available. But since I've made this list in a web forum, for my fellow DBO'ers (and Mysterious Lurkers), I felt this focus in a web format was the most reasonable thing to do.

I've also chosen to not to list any non-Bungie "find fireteam" sites as;

  • We're a clan. So... kinda want to push into that.
  • Your results may very.
  • Probably some other third thing.

If you really need to find some alternative folks to play with, well... it's a search away.

Anything Else?

Why isn't this about section at the top?

Because you only have to read it once.

Anything Else?

Leave it to the forum madman to hoard data, m i rite? ;p

You are Welcome. ^_^ Go Kick Ass Guardian!

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