*NEW FEATURE* Fireteam Builder/Raidfinder (DBO)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Thursday, December 25, 2014, 14:43 (2491 days ago)

Happy Holidays, Guardians!

Want to host a raid? Looking for a raid but not sure who's running one? There's a new feature on the forums today that should help with scheduling raids and other events!

Introducing the DBO Fireteam Builder! The FTB allows you to create and RSVP to raids, strikes, and other DBO events. I encourage you to check it out, get familiar with it, and give us some feedback about how you'd like to see it change and grow.

Currently-scheduled events will appear in the index page sidebar, with the events occurring first appearing at the top:

A few notes:

  • Anyone and everyone can create events, although you can only create three events at any one time (events that have already passed don't count toward the limit).
  • All times listed in the Fireteam Builder are localized to your forum time zone! No more juggling time zones! If you need to change your time zone, you can do it from the user settings page.
  • You can RSVP for yourself and others in the event that a friend isn't a member of DBO but you want to drag them along on a raid.
  • It's recommended to put your Gamertag/PSN ID in the name field when RSVPing.
  • When RSVPing to an event, you can only edit/update the entries that you created. Event creators, however, can edit all RSVPs for their events.
  • When creating an event, the "Description" text field uses the same BBCode formatting that the normal forum posts do.

We really hope this will help smooth the event scheduling process. We'll be watching feedback and updating the tool accordingly, so please sound off about improvements/changes that you'd like to see.


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