Guardian (As in the news site, not the character) Interview

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Two things . . .

". . . So we have a private loot stream. This is important so that everything that drops from combat is meant for you. Each player has their own stream of loot and it's unique to them. That works really well when you have two players coming together, one of whom is a veteran and the other is only 20 hours in; it's not boring for either of you as you're each receiving loot that's appropriate to your level. There's a crime that I think we helped commit … I mean, if you take a classic Halo level such as Truth and Reconciliation, there's no reason to go back when you've been there. As a player I want to go back, but there needs to be value and a reward for me to do so. We think that will be a huge deal."

I like the prospect of a private loot stream, but It makes me think that if there is any trading mechanic, it will be limited. I'm not sure if I understand the reference to Truth and Reconciliation though.

I can see some similarities between Destiny and Borderlands in terms of the classes and the way in which loot works. When that game came out were you worried?
No. This is a very old idea.

Oh, I understand that. I'm not suggesting you guys have copied of anything like that …
We know Randy well. It was interesting to play. The thing we've always felt is that we could have done a lot more with Halo and we didn't. There was only so much we could do with the team over time. We mainly spent a long time looking at World of Warcraft. It's a server side implementation from a developer we really admire and we thought it would be awesome if we could do those kind of things, but we had the visceral sandbox experience we're really good at.

Borderlands, yes. But the mechanic of people coming together and having their investment and power and items mean something because they are persistent through the world and they grow in the world. That's been the challenge.

Everyone has been saying it - but this is the first time I have seen any mention to it in a actual interview. It seems to me that, off the answer given, the big thing about Destiny is how much more social it intends to be - even if you aren't very social. I look forward to seeing this in action when the time comes.

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