Dr. Banana's Doom Patrol F.A.Q. (Fireteam Builder Events)

by iconicbanana, C2-H5-OH + NAD, Portland, OR, Saturday, May 14, 2016, 01:26 (1720 days ago)
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Dr. Banana's Doom Patrol F.A.Q.

What am I doing here?

Christ it's early in this conversation for existential subjects. Are you lost? Do you abuse substances? Where are you going, where have you been?If the answer to question two was yes, you're in the right place. Also pm me your mailing address.

What is 'the Doom Patrol'?

Either I've been gone a while or you're new around here. The Doom Patrol was born out of a crucible fireteam builder event for the DBO xbox360 clan, and cemented in that group's steaktacular victory over the forces of this forum's admins:

Revel in that sweet glory! The 360 community has since fled to more modern environs, but we still get together sometimes and tryhard all over solo-stacks.

Sounds exclusive. Am I welcome?

Do you play defender titan? Just kidding, nice try Raga. We welcome all, scrubs and pros alike. Beard will carry you. Just don't push him off any cliffs. It was North, Beard. It was totally North.

Is Raga welcome?

I don't know, is he?

What if I really suck at crucible?

Git gud. The threshold of our patience is the extreme limit of your embarrassment.

Why would I want to play with a bunch of washed-up has-beens and stoners?

Hey now, I'm not the only guy on the team! ChaosSociety plays too and he's not washed up.

Do RobotChickens and Rellekh ever join the Doom Patrol?

I don't know, do they?

Do you guys win most of your matches? Aren't the odds stacked in your favor by mostly playing late on weekends against teams of solo players?

Wow, you got us. We're a bunch of assholes. It really depends on the night. We've gone three hours without losing and then there are nights when we play like ZackDark. Usually I suck. Some of these guys are pretty good. It's a toss up.

Hey, on that subject, why do you always play so late?

We're mostly West Coast and I live with my in-laws. They don't understand.

This is stupid, why are you bothering writing this?

This isn't the post you're looking for.

I play on PS4.

See above.

This sounds like something I'm interested in. Where can I sign up?

You got me. I have no idea. It's okay, FTB isn't for everyone. But you should probably read more.

What if you guys have a full fireteam?

We originally called this little shindig 'the Doom Train'. Somebody hops off and you can hop on. The average Doom Train rider is onboard for two stops, maybe. Although more recently people have stuck around longer, so at this point think of it more as a waiting line at the T.S.A. checkpoint. I guess I'm the B.S.A. Show up early? They usually say two hours early is good.

Are we ever going to do another Doom Patrol on xbox360

I dunno, reply to this thread and I'll gauge your interest.

Don't I know you from somewhere? or: Long Time, No See.

I was busy. Also it seems like there are less trolls around here lately. And this game is stupid. I've been really high, for like, 6 months.#legalizedit

Hey, on that subject. Can I bitch about how hard Bungie screwed up the balance issues of this game and how Halo is better in every way?

Goddamnit GV, just buckle down and shoot some scrubs. You're better seen and not heard. You're fine man, never change. But seriously stfu.

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