The Peregrine (Exotic Warlock helmet concept) (Fan Creations)

by red robber @, Crawfish Country, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 20:50 (2852 days ago) @ Korny

"Pretty soon, the Hunters will be wanting this tech." -Common Warlock phrase.

Falcon Strike- Grants Blink.


What it does: Grants Blink to all Warlock Subclasses, overriding their Glide.

Why: The only Warlock subclass that has Blink is the one that benefits the least from it. If players were able to Blink as a sunsinger with Angel of Light, for example, more combat opportunities would open up (especially taking momentum into account). Stormcallers could combine Blink with Ionic Blink to be super mobile on the battlefield, as well as being able to close distances quickly for Thunderstrike.

What is wrong with you? :)

Aesthetics: With the upcoming Rise of Iron's focus on forgotten Russian tech, I've been inspired to think up early prototypes and sources for the Guardian's abilities. Stuff that either became obsolete, or that was improved upon later. Blink seems like an early experiment that would later become common, rendering an exotic piece of gear like this obsolete. But post-collapse, nothing is taken for granted. And much like Ahamkara-based exotics, I wanted something to tie to existing exotics, in this case, the Titan's Peregrine Greaves, which are also jump-based exotics.

Balance: Blink already has a lot of cons (not the least of with is the loss of the Warlock jump's signature accuracy and mobility), and few pros, but players would benefit from being able to mix up the unique jump with the playstyles and perks of the other Warlock subclasses.

(Artwork by Denver Asence.)

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