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This got me thinking, though.

How seriously do we take the grimoire? And I mean, can we take it all as absolute truth? Much of the grimoire presents stories almost as myths or legends, and The Book of Sorrow in particular reads almost like a sort of bible. Is this the true story of Oryx, or are these a set of stories presented by Oryx as proof of his Godhood?

That's a very interesting question. Especially with regard to the Books of Sorrow! Later down the line when Oryx is boasting about something or other there are notes from one of his sisters that the things he has written down are lies. It'll be fun to a. find that card again and b. try and interpret what the conflicting notes mean!

In general though, I think the Grimoire has been fairly consistent and non-contradictory. There may be a few things here or there that don't add up or are obvious distortions of the truth, but most of the stories seem like they are to be trusted.

I hope you keep these up! The Book of Sorrow is the only bit of the grimoire I really engaged with, so I'm eager to see you present things I don't know about. One day, I'll get around to reading it all . . .

Oh absolutely! Things are moving a little slow right now, but soon we'll be jumping through the Books of Sorrow several cards at a time. And then it's own to all sorts of other great stories. A scattering of stories from the Golden age will be next and that will include the cool story of the Ishtar Collective scientists trapped in a couple hundred Vex simulations. Those will be followed pretty quickly by the stories of the Iron Lords. Then it'll be on to the City Age which, of course, has many great stories!

This will, of course and by design, take quite a while. The point is to pace it out, make it easy to read one step at a time. But we'll get there one Tuesday and one Friday at a time.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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