The Hive are not special per se (Destiny)

by Durandal, Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 11:07 (2716 days ago) @ ZackDark

They are just the latest in a long line to fall into the trap.
The Darkness operates under Highlander rules, "There can be only one". The Hive, the Worms, they are it's minions, its petitioners (according to Rasputin). They are like symbionts, given some measure of power in exchange for carrying out it's task of slaughter.

The worms are manipulators, like our local star dragons, they seem to avoid direct contests of strength, opting for deals and bargains. Why? They obscure the actual physics that the Darkness uses from the Hive under ritual in order to keep the Hive subservient, but again why, when their larva are in the Hive?

I would suspect that is part of their own deal with the Darkness. The Akahambra, the worms, both have a pact with the Darkness that precludes their own military might. So they can have secrets, knowledge above and beyond, but they cannot actively use it themselves. They need proxies, puppets, suckers in order to do anything. They need that tribute of slaughter, to fuel it as well.

Anyone can pledge themselves to the Darkness. The Hive, Vex, Dregden Yor, it does not seem to care. Given all the species on Fundament, I would assume that all were tempted at some point. The Hive were just the final link in the chain to allow the worms to escape from the core of the planet.

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