Bite-sized Backstory 18: Majestic Battles and Waves (Destiny)

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After defeating the Taishibethi, Oryx returns to his throne world and makes preparations to have his first direct meeting with the Deep. He creates a special alter for the Deep and prepares an unborn ogre for it to possess. We’ve seen unborn ogres several times in Destiny. You might know them better as Tomb Husks.

Many, many times so far when reading your interpretations of the backstory I have bitten my tongue off, so to speak, in an attempt to not be 'that guy' that actively badgers others at every turn to provide source documentation for their information, paraphrases, or summations. (as has happened before 'round these parts)

Please, can you help with your assertion above ^?

Well, I am that guy. So I welcome any and all questions. Especially ones about the source of things. And I always try to have an answer or basis ready to go before hand. In fact, it makes me sad to hear that you have not engaged in the past. :(

In this case, you are right. I was basing my comment on the events of the mission "The Summoner's Circle." In it you help birth an Ogre before it is ready by way of a Tomb Husk. Turns out I had misremembered the dialog from the mission. I was thinking we'd deposited what was essentially a fetal Ogre into the pool, but that was wrong. Two relevant quotes from Eris tell us:

In the depths of the Dreadnaught, a coven of Acolytes gestate an abomination – a warspawn of the Hive, pulsing and growing in a pool of Taken power.

The souls (of nearby Hive champions you just killed) nestle within the husk. Find its gestation pit and summon forth the beast. Do not allow its worm to complete the cycle. End it now.

So, it seems that the tomb husk was not the Ogre but was the thing needed to birth the Ogre early. This fits with Toland talking about tomb husks having the energy needed to break Hive rune locks. I wondered about the conflict between Toland and what I thought I remembered from the Summoner's Circle but forgot to investigate.

So good work! You've helped our understanding of Destiny's world! Thank you! And please, speak up any time you have a question or concern. I write these, but I write them for all of you. I'd much rather have people be engaged and be proven wrong than people stay silent. :)

Do you think the rock in the map Cathedral of Dusk could be one of Oryx's tablets? The 'table stone' of an altar? Gravemarker/tombstone?

It's possible. I don't think there's anything to say it isn't. I do wonder if he'd have just left it laying around. Presumably, Oryx was still alive in his alternate dimension for part of the time we were holding Crucible matches so it does seem a bit unlikely he didn't have his tablets with him. But given that the Dreadnaught is kinda his throne world in and of itself... maybe sitting right there in its special spot is considered being with him?

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