Bite-sized Backstory 18: Majestic Battles and Waves (Destiny)

by Durandal, Friday, January 06, 2017, 17:42 (1719 days ago) @ Ragashingo

Do you mean at one time Marathon's backstory included these bored immortals but was later changed, or that there's more about Marathon's ancient races/gods fighting buried within the terminal text of the games?

I very generally know about the stuff that happened in Marathon but its been quite a while since I've read through everything and there's a lot to remember, so feel free to bring up anything you think might apply to Destiny! :)

One of Marathon's initial concepts were that there were a bunch of immortals who built these arenas for "fun", and you were a late immortal to the party and trying to figure out where everyone went. This story line was competently shelved in favor of the sci-fi concept we all know and love.

I think bits of the concept made it into some of the more esoteric electric sheep terminals as background.

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