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Did we destroy his oversoul? What was his oversoul? I forget, was it his daughters, or an ogre or something like that? Also, did we kill him or did we kill his worm?

Oryx might not have had an Oversoul. He'd been The Taken King for a long long time before his daughters started working on the concept. Certainly, he didn't have a big death ball in the sky.

I think we starved Oryx of his tribute and his worm ate him. Maybe shooting him a lot helped too but it was the balls of corrupted light that were the key, not the shooting. We have not yet seen anything that can permanently kill a worm god. Even Akka, who Oryx killed to create his Tablets of Ruin, is still somehow (partially?) alive...

Personally, I'm of the opinion that Mara Sov is in her own throne-world and that the 'sprite/ghost/angel/whatever-you-want-to-call-it' that precedes you through the dreadnaught is in fact a manifestation of Mara Sov. I believe she went into that battle expecting to die, and that she had to die for some reason, but I'm not sure what that reason was. I suspect it may (somehow) allow her to take some of Oryx's power. It's just the feeling I get, that she's entered the fray for her own gain.

I'm a fan of that theory too. About her being the glowing thing showing us where to go. But during one the missions our Ghost identifies that thing as Oryx, doesn't he? I'll find the exact quote tonight...

Whether she was expecting to die or not, there's certainly more to Mara Sov than just being the Awoken leader...I was reading through some of the Awoken stuff yesterday and we just don't have a full picture of what or why they are yet. There's some stuff to really think about and try and find connections for, but right now I think her message to the House of Wolves Kell is one of the most revealing hints we currently have:

"I am noble too, oh Lord of Wolves. Starlight was my mother; and my father was the dark."

(That quote is awesome and give me chills every time I read it!)

Or... perhaps she was just attacking Oryx on her own terms instead of waiting for him to attack her on his terms, and she simply failed to overcome him, but I suspect she is indeed 'safe' in her own throne-world.

I definitely think a good part of her motivation was to strike first. And, yeah, it's clear that she survived... somehow. Both through the hints we found while tracking down bits and pieces of things that would have been near her for Petra and because of that interview with her voice actress on a previous Bungie livestream. My takeaway from that was Mara Sov's in-game story, as well as her brother's, may have previously started with them down and out but Bungie may have shifted it backwards a bit to show them at the height of their power. This may also explain why we didn't get her brother's "Out here in the wild" cutscene. There's a chance that's still to come.

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