Exotic T-shirt Bounty (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, discovering fire every week, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 17:17 (1994 days ago)
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As of late, the Bungie Store has had a poor track record of keeping popular items and popular sizes in stock. The timing of store releases coupled with my inconsistent funds has made a situation where I have missed 2 great shirts that I really want to own and it seems I may not get a chance to ever again. Both shirts sold out quickly and it seems were restocked infrequently then Sold Out yet again not allowing an adequate chance to purchase in a timely manner. Both times, both shirts have stayed on the store website for an extended period of time on sold out status, giving false hope that they might return or restock. Eventually both shirts just disappeared from Store altogether.

I'm looking for:

Bungie Software Products Corporation Throwback/Retro T-shirt (L)

Destiny Sparrow Racing League Crew Team T-Shirt (L)

I also wouldn't mind finding:
Pre-Destiny release Fallen shirt (L)

I, amongst others, helped formulate the idea to possibly decode the background text on the shirt and I never owned one or ended up buying it. Its not really my color or style but now I'm left wanting it just to have it for fun.

P.S. Does anyone here own the throwback Bungie Software Products shirt? I'm curious exactly what color the text on the front, and the crest on the back are?
Is it pure white? Silvery? Off White/Vintage/Dingey looking?


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