Ahamakara fit with the lore (Destiny)

by Durandal, Wednesday, April 05, 2017, 17:32 (1224 days ago) @ Ragashingo

The Darkness has many servants. The key being that all advance it's cause in some way, and all rely on calling upon it's power for various effects. "IT" also inhabits all it's minions in some way, per Rasputin.

The Darkness also doesn't seem to care if it's minions fight, which is consistent with it's view that the strong will inherit and the weak will perish. Much like darwinism, the "strength" of a species is it's ability to survive. We see Savithun going the "cunning" route, with Arath taking on a more violent approach.

The Worms, and the Wish Dragons seem to have gone another. Neither seem to act directly, both the worms and the dragons offer boons that later turn out to have a severe price. For the Hive, it was to become slaves to darkness. For the Ahamkara, the boons are smaller but also have a price that is hinted to be far higher then what people initially realize.

But I think the key is the "Smug Freedom" line. Of course the Ahamkara would look down on the hive. They know the full score, that the Hive are naught but slaves bound to the Ahamkara's cousins will. Moreover, the Ahamkara can grant enough power to someone to oppose Xivu Arath, in his sword realm, without first slaughtering countless millions to level up. Whatever odious bargain the bishops made, I'm certain it can't compete with thousands of years of genocide.

In addition, the Ahamkara seem to be able to go where they want, when they want, and we have no information of them being imprisoned like their cousins the worms.

I have long theorized that there was an initial conflcit between Light and Dark in the Destiny universe, and the Worms were imprisoned at the end if it. It seems the Ahamkara were not, and if that is the case I have to wonder why?

Would the Worms be resentful, that despite growing large and fat, that they still didn't have the power of the Ahamkara, and the freedom? Is that why they enjoyed the torture, and didn't fear Savathun learning anything from them? Because they already know what the Ahamkara know?

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