Ahamakara fit with the lore (Destiny)

by Durandal, Thursday, April 06, 2017, 14:43 (1223 days ago) @ Ragashingo

1. My suspicion is that the Light won, initially, and imprisoned the Darkness. We see numerous light touched civilizations, but no Dark ones, until the Hive in the books of sorrow. The Leviathan is familiar with the Darkness, and its philosophy without ever meeting anything but the Worms, who hate it and probably don't talk much. Likewise the needle ship shows somebody out there knew about the Worms, and the Dark, and tried to make a deal.

2. Destruction only powers up people with Worms or in Sword Realms. Both situations seem to be under the Darkness's direct supervision. If it were a fundamental law, other civilizations that were "masters of physical law" should have identified and utilized it.

3.Savathun desires knowledge above all, secrets. She wants his tablets to commune directly with the darkness and gain that power, and it's secreets as well. Its likely she's going a different route then Oryx, since she knows even he barely survived the path he took.

4. In the Dreams of Alpha Lupi, what happened to that hidden civilization that had everybody fluffing about?

Baseless speculation:
The Traveler and the Darkness are both from that hidden realm, having left for different reasons, and are not the first to do so. The philosophical divide between light and darkness is part of a Babylon 5 style debate among these old ones. In the past, that has come to conflict several times. This new Darkness is aware of that, such that IT hunts down the traveler as soon as it hears of her, where as She doesn't do anything until after she realizes IT is free and after her.

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