IGN Nessus video (Destiny)

by electricpirate @, Monday, July 24, 2017, 13:28 (1368 days ago)

IGN has a new runthrough of all the stuff going on in Nessus.


A few highlights

- Public Events now have regular and Heroic. Heroics are triggered in event by accomplishing some goal (Finish fast, hold a point during the event, don't allow enemies into x etc) for extra rewards.
- More new public events than currently exist in Destiny, plus the current events are all returning
- Adventures are short quests with story, played entirely in Patrol. A big focus in storytelling
- Lost sectors are those pointless caves in Destiny writ large, now with some kind of encounter and a boss
- Story quests are large scale, multi step quests which tell larger stories
- Flashpoints will focus on public events, Nightfall class rewards for finishing enough, but they will also have new bosses with hidden triggers, new treasure maps sold by cade and more *tm* that we haven't seen yet.

Very exciting video, go watch, I glossed over some of the interesting bits.

As someone who spent year 2 of destiny either in COO or hanging out in public event spaces to help people bring down those taken champions, I think this is a fantastic set of changes. It demonstrates more storytelling (and storytelling that fits Destiny) and a commitment to the social mechanics that underpin destiny.

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