"I sense something. A presence I've not felt since..." (Destiny)

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Oh? 55+ Hours of PVE Content? O_o

It's probably nothing.

Search your feelings, INSANEdrive. You can do this. I feel the conflict within you! Let go of your hate!

It is... too late for that, INSANEdrive. Destiny has shown us the true nature of Bungie.

EVERY-THOUGHT, SHUT UP! ...geez. Brains, am I right? Lets... I don't know... lets reply to blue in blue.

Here's a few new details from the new Destiny 2 article in Edge Magazine.

- Ability cooldowns are no longer affected by armor stats. They are reduced by certain actions. For instance, the dawnblade grenade cool down was reduced by kills while in the air.

Longer Cooldowns = Bigger Payback... right?

- Nightfall strikes have a time limit that varies for each strike.

"And you thought the bullet sponge enemies were hard?"

- There are over 80 missions and PvE activities, and each are "substantial in length, challenge, story, and reward".

"We will see, about a great. Many. Thinggsss."

- At one point they realized they had way more new content than progression.

Quality > Quantity

- They showed off something new about hunters that the interviewer really liked, but couldn't write about.

Was it more Arcstrider? It was probably Arcstrider. Have I mentioned how much I liked playing Arcstrider? I did!? Well just in case you missed it. Arcstrider. Arcstrider. Arcstrider. (LOL :P)

-Energy weapons create a larger explosion when popping an enemy shield.



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