Stupid Question: How do i add friends on Battlenet? (DBO)

by Schedonnardus, Texas, Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 13:16 (2427 days ago)

I clicked on "add friends" in the battlenet app on my PC, and started typing in names from the PC clan roster, and every time, the send request button is greyed out.

I think i'm typing in the correct names, b/c in the roster, it lists a name, and then underneath is is your bungie name. For instance, on the roster, it shows my misspelled Battlenet name (b/c of character limits) but then shows my full bungie name underneath it.

does anyone else have this problem? can someone like Xenos (XenosKB) or Beorn confirm that their battlenet name is correct on the clan roster?

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