Never gonna give, never gonna give... (DBO)

by DeeJ ⌂, Bungie, Friday, August 23, 2013, 23:39 (3275 days ago)

The Ginger Mafia is not pleased with your Astley joke, DBO. All PAX meetups are cancelled.

In truth, thanks as always for being a comprehensive cabal of investigative reporting. I was just at breakfast with various members of the Gamescom team, from various agencies supporting the international invasion. We were talking about what had hit YouTube so far, and I was giving them keywords to search that I remembered from the 'roll on the front page.

"How do you find all this stuff so fast?"

"Same way I've always found this stuff."

"So wait, you let the community break the news to you? Isn't that backwards?"

"No. Don't Presidents watch CNN to see if they're winning the war?"

Miss you. Wish more of you were here. See you soon.

We've been lovers for so long,


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