One theory about the Vex debunked *SP* (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 13:17 (285 days ago)

In the D1 Grimoire, we had a lot of info about a vex that was running a simulation of the entire universe. Actually 37 (iirc) simulations, congruently. So a theory developed which was that maybe *we* were in a simulation that the vex were running.

Well, Failsafe has a line which completely debunks that. She says, during one mission or another (I'm paraphrasing here): "The vex are talking about you, guardian. Of course, they don't call you 'guardian,' they have another name for you." Ghost: "What do they call us?" Failsafe: "Those who wield that which cannot be simulated."

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