One theory about the Vex debunked *SP* (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 13:57 (285 days ago) @ Kahzgul

In the D1 Grimoire, we had a lot of info about a vex that was running a simulation of the entire universe. Actually 37 (iirc) simulations, congruently. So a theory developed which was that maybe *we* were in a simulation that the vex were running.

Well, Failsafe has a line which completely debunks that. She says, during one mission or another (I'm paraphrasing here): "The vex are talking about you, guardian. Of course, they don't call you 'guardian,' they have another name for you." Ghost: "What do they call us?" Failsafe: "Those who wield that which cannot be simulated."

Are you referring to the Vex 1-4 Grimoire, with the story of the scientists in the Golden Age studying Vex? It turned out they were being simulated, but brought in a Warmind (which could act in ways that couldn't be simulated) to break them free. They then re-entered the Vex systems, all 227 copies of them. Those events predated the Collapse, and Guardians, so the lore is still consistent.

Notably, the Vex are also unable to simulate Oryx, or more specifically, the part (symbiotic organism) of Oryx that gives him his powers. When Quria (the Vex mind) tries to simulate him, it instead simulates Aurash, Oryx's original form.

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