i'm only up to Io, but one thing that is bugging me *SP* (Destiny)

by Schedonnardus @, Texas, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 14:04 (283 days ago)

so I'm only up to Io (haven't played Io yet), and it's really bugging me that I have met up with the vanguard, but have not shown them how to get their light back. They are just like "hey, cool, you have your light" ikora even says to the effect (paraphrase) "you will survive, but we wont"

why can't i show them how to get their powers back? Am I the only true guardian worthy of regaining my powers (don't answer that)?

I was kinda thinking it would be cool to have an escort mission, where i have to protect the vanguard while traveling to the shard. Then covering them while they regain their light. Then the 4 of us just kicking ass as wave upon wave of Cabal come rushing in trying to stop us (b/c word got out about the light)


unrelated, but why do we need to activate a golden age supercomputer to decrypt cabal comms? In D1, my ghost decrpyted all kinds of Hive stuff, and warsat codes to enter Rasputin's bunker.


Loving the game so far. such a massive step up from D1.

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