But that's not all...! (Destiny)

by slycrel ⌂, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 23:55 (284 days ago) @ Pyromancy

Most of the time with patches I have this problem. I don't re-jigger my connection, I don't do anything to try and speed it up or move things along. Long ago I used to pause and resume the updates (i.e. when I had multiple game updates at once), but I stopped because I heard that could cause issues. Probably 2 years ago I stopped doing that.

Today I started up my ps4 (pro, with plenty of HDD space) and destiny 2 was the last app that I had been using. It re-started to a screen that was verifying the update or somesuch. It was already > 50%. It got to 63% and then declared it needed to download 4.75 gigs. I was disappointed because I had gotten off work early today and was excited to play some more. I ended up waiting almost 45 minutes for the update.

If it's a connection thing there's not much I can do about that -- I don't have the bottom tier of internet from comcast and I don't seem to have noticeable issues with connections anywhere but destiny updates.

I am also a programmer and would like to think I have a general idea of how these things work and what I might avoid to cause problems.

So as much as I'm all about saying "don't be dumb and mess it up" there is, at least in my case, clearly something else going on here.

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