How far did you get? *SP* (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Friday, May 18, 2018, 09:09 (788 days ago) @ Kermit

All spoilers below:

Circle, square, triangle based on the approximate shapes of the borders of each symbol.

Heh, I had that thought, but we ended up going with "sword", "lollipop" and "ship" based on the symbols themselves. What we were struggling with was the timing and the communication required for the overall sequence coordination.

We have a call out for the cycle start "Clock started" (easy enough)

We assigned 4 people to the outer plates ("launch plates"), and two people for the symbol spotting

We created a priority order for the superior buff, so the primary symbol spotter would say either "got it" or "don't have it". If he has it (50/50 chance), he'd head up and call the symbol. If he doesn't have it, the secondary spotter would call "got it" or "don't have it". And if both didn't have it we'd swap in a 3rd or fourth (only happened once).

After the symbol call out "sword" (left), "lollipop" (center) or "ship" (right), the 4 guys on plates can move to clear adds and stay alive, but they need to remain near the plates to grab the ball wherever it appears.

Then of course a call out for "ball charged". There's still some confusion at this point, because the person with the ball isn't clearing adds or standing on a plate - we probably needed a call out to indicate where the spotter should go to help.

Then a call out for "get on plates" - this was hectic due to the tougher adds in the later cycles. I think more time on add clearing is necessary to do this safely

We were calling out when the yellow bars that spawn after the weapon is charged are down "Left/right yellow down" as an indication to get back to the launch plates

Another call out for "launch plates", and this was also hectic/confusing (mostly due to adds). We had a definite struggle at this point to manage who has the ball, if they do/don't have the superior buff, passing it to someone who does if necessary, and getting someone on each launch plate simultaneously without getting someone who's been stationary on a plate too long killed by adds. This might be easier if we gave it more time, but we were usually seeing red flames at that point.

We beat it, but the communication and coordination needed work. And then there the next encounter <evil laugh>.

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