Our Strat *SP* (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Sunday, May 20, 2018, 07:33 (782 days ago) @ Chappy
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We were able to work out a strategy that uses a lot fewer call-outs (which is my preference) by focusing on geographical consistency.

When I say we/our that is Kermit, Bluerunner, Disciple, Chris, and Squid.

We start with one person on each upper (launch?) plate putting the highest level folks on the outsides (some of us — mostly me — were pretty under leveled so some of our Strat was designed just to accommodate that.). that leaves 2 floaters in the center who can take cover behind the center ledge that is on the stairs. (I hid here as I am soft and easily squished.). We tried to spread out the folks with tethers to have someone left, right, and center.

The two center are the preferred space-farers, and if neither of them get the superior buff, then they will swap with a plate-person for one cycle. Otherwise, one of the two center pops up out of the toaster and makes the call based on the outer shape of the symbol (circle, triangle, or square).

Wait for the ball to get tossed into play. Then, center drops down to center plate, the left two launch plates go to the left plate, and the right two launch plates go to the right door. Whoever caught the ball throws it to the proper plate for that pair to deal with. Everyone is on the same plates every time.

Once the device is armed that gets announced, everyone falls back to the user areas to take out the majors, clear adds, get ammo, etc. We call that out. (this is where we tended to use the shadows hot supers) Once that's done, the ball gets passed (up until then we basically ignore the ball. Throw it out of bounds or something. It will get tossed back in by the ref when it is needed) to the same person who called out the symbol of that cycle, they pick up the greed buff, and take a return trip to space, and throws the beach ball of death at the ship that was marked for death.

Take a second to look at the pretty explosion, Clear adds, and then do the next cycle anew. (this is when we tended to use roaming supers)

Things I like about this: 1. a minimum of call-outs necessary. 2. People have consistent roles, so they do not need to worry about remembering what they are doing, or covering each other/moving to different locations. they can specialize in that enemy set with that geometry. 3. The shapes are distinct and easy. The words do not sound like each other. (I suspect over time we will just say right left center, but don't have that memorized yet)

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