Destiny Release Day Lottery (DBO)

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Sunday, September 22, 2013, 15:51 (3946 days ago)
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So I thought of a fun contest to play. Now that it seems that Bungie may have decided on the release date for Destiny, let's try and guess when Destiny is going to be released!

Here are the rules: Guess one day in 2014 that you think will be the release date for Destiny. You cannot pick the same date as another person. No changing your initial guess after you've guessed. Entries must be entered by October 1st at midnight (meaning the night of September 31st). I will give out a prize based on whoever is the closest. If there is a tie the value of the prize will be split into two lesser prizes (we can only have a two person tie based on people not being able to pick the same date). There will only be one prize given out to the person who is the closest (or two if there is a tie), and the closer you are to the final release date the better prize will be. If on the off-chance Bungie reveals the release date before October 1st the contest is null and void. And obviously if you have inside information you do not qualify. That means you Bungie people! Although feel free to announce exclusively here when Destiny will be released on October 1st! :)

List of prizes:
Guess the actual release date: Next-gen console of your choice with Destiny (special edition if one exists) to be given on the release date of Destiny
Within 1 week: Copy of Destiny on platform of your choice with a year of XBox Live/Playstation Plus (or whatever the Playstation online service ends up being called) to be given on the release date of Destiny
Within 2 weeks: Copy of Destiny on platform of your choice to be given on the release date of Destiny
Within 1 month: A Destiny t-shirt and a Destiny poster both of your choice

If no one can get within a month I'll figure something else out as a prize. Please if you are participating make your guess the subject of your reply for my sake.

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