The "Front Page" hasn't been updated in a month. (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, November 16, 2018, 10:10 (1324 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

It's seemingly obvious this place is rarely going to get updated any more, if ever

Well, this seems pretty unfair, to me. Yes, it's true that the front page has been neglected for a while... but with the exception of yesterday (when I was traveling from 5am local time until 11:30pm local time - gotta love the first snowstorm of the year), the TWAB is localized and archived within a couple of hours of being posted. (Yesterday's is up now.) Any patchnotes are localized and archived within a couple of hours of posting. Our cutscene library is up to date, and of better quality than any other on the internet.

I apologize for the lack of front-page posts; I've been dealing with some personal stuff for the past 6 weeks. I plan to get back to it, though; the idea that you think it's obvious that it'll never be updated again is actually offensive, and I'm not sure what might have given you that idea.

The shutters to the front of the house are crooked, yet I'm aware the owner does care... what am I to think? I don't know your timeline, and it's not my business. I know it's harsh, and I know it's blunt... but it's how I honestly feel from what I observe from my end. I don't question the capacity to care, simply the time those with Admin editing capability have. If it's simply a case of one lone man being out of the loop, so be it. I hope I don't have to tell that it isn't my intent to insult. It gets fixed when it gets fixed. Things get added when they get added. Cool.

Not griping at all about your comment that the front page hasn't been updated for a while. That's a totally valid complaint.

I was taking issue with your comment that it's "obvious" that this place isn't going to be updated any more. That's an unfair assessment, not backed up by actual evidence.

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