MCC vs Destiny (psst, Malagate) (Criticism)

by ManKitten ⌂, The Stugotz is strong in me., Monday, December 10, 2018, 06:32 (540 days ago)

Red Dead 2 has been making me sad so I don't want to race through it, thus reaching the inevitable ending, so I played some Destiny 2 over the weekend. Just piddling about picking up the daily challenges. Played some crucible and it just felt like a thing I had to get through to get an engram.

Also over the weekend, went to a Christmas party and kids were in the back playing Master Chief Collection. 4 player split screen PvP. My 4 (almost 5) year old son surprised the "big kids" at how he could actually hold his own. The next day he kept saying "Can we get that game?" to which I said "We have that game!" We had only played the co-op campaign so far.

So the two of us booted up some online MCC PvP. We had a blast! The games were so fun. I've not played PvP Halo in a coons age. The game variants were creative and fun-centric. It was also nice playing a game and not getting a reward at the end. It was also nice using a plethora of weapons. It was also nice....well, I'll just say that Halo PvP was a blast and I have forgotten how fun it was. Destiny PvP is mechanically better but that is it. What the hell has Bungie done with the PvP experience!? It went from "Yay, grab your party hat" to "ok...get your sweat rag."

Malagate, are you still doing a weekly MCC night? Because I want in. Full disclosure, I got my arse handed to me every game and will surely cause a loss.

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