Two Words: Destiny FIESTA. (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Thursday, January 17, 2019, 15:04 (404 days ago)

Destiny Item Manager's latest update has just added the ability to randomize all weapons and armor pieces for your character in both games, with a preference to weapons that are in your Vault.

I used Randomize once, and I already found a hidden gem of a sniper that I really enjoy, never realized I had, and have already put in one of my loadouts for future regular use!

Now--I know that everyone's busy, and you don't want to do any old stuff, or anything that doesn't cost $80, middle child syndrome blah-blah-blah. You've heard it before.

But we've got to do THIS.

Yes, I know no one wanted to do Specialty Raids, even though those that attended Hard Light Night were unanimously thrilled. And I understand that Deaf Calus(and Aksis for that matter) makes skin crawl and throats water--unless it's for real. It's totally fine, I get it.

But if nothing else--if absolutely nothing else--we've GOT to do some Random Raids. I don't care which Destiny it is, which raid, which classes, what difficulty level--though I'd at least suggest Normal if we end up with something from Year 1--but hell, at this point I don't even care if I'm in it or not! But we HAVE to put something together, and just in case my CHF kills me before I turn 31, we need to do it soon!

Putting in a randomizer immediately creates such an interesting spin on activities, and putting them to the ultimate test in a 6-player raid will re-write challenge history! It would be such a refreshing and surprising detour from the normal Sad Default stuff you equip day in day out!

This is your chance to stop focusing so hard on Valor or Prestige or Nightfalls or Masterworks...and just fuck around with your friends, having fun.

We can stream the event for people who might miss it, inspire others to do the same, and just go back to what made this game fun! Socializing!

Let's discuss a date and time for this to happen, and let's get back to basics--not knowing what the hell we're doing.
We Became Legends...now let us Become Fools.

It's our....Fiest-iny.


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