Some questions (SotD, Xur, Shadows, The Nine) (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 13:39 (125 days ago) @ ManKitten

Shadows of Yor are Guardians who are dabbling in using the Darkness to obtain greater power. They are not necessarily all bad and some, like the legendary Shin Malphur (aka: owner of The Last Word, aka The Man with The Golden Gun) fight against Guardian corruption while also experimenting with the Darkness.

The Nine seem to be Giaforms, embodiments of our planets, whose minds are made of vast collections of dark matter. Life on each planet (plants, animals, humans, etc) cause these star system sized strands of dark matter to vibrate and resonate and eventually these giant-sized minds began to think. By they are very alien from our point of view and probably have limited concepts of things like death and time. Also, they sorta depend on other life on their planet to continue to supply the motion and energy that let them resonate and think so the Darkness is a threat to them because it is a threat to us.

Xûr might be some sort of artificial life form created by the Nine. They were experimenting with creating biological life (and failed several times in spectacular fashion) but may have ultimately succeeded. His/their goal is to understand Guardians and our Light because the Nine are ultimately ruled by linear cause and effect. They want to be free of that and the reality distorting paracasual effects of Light are what they need. Interestingly, the Nine were previously making deals with the Ahamkara, who also had reality altering powers, before the Guardians (with secret support of Mara Sov and her Awoken) hunted the Ahamkara to extinction.

This stuff is still a bit theoretical, since lore is still being revealed week to week, but if you want to read a lot of it yourself I’d suggest reading the books Dust and Ecdysis over at Ishtar Collective. Quite a lot got revealed with Season of the Drifter

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