How do I use Golden Gun effectively in PvP? (Destiny)

by Oholiab, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 13:28 (151 days ago)

I run one character, and I've only unlocked one on the new subclasses. I can run Blade Barrage or Golden Gun. I find that I can use either one effectively in PvE, and I have REALLY enjoyed the update to Golden Gun that allows me to fire as many times as possible so long as I'm getting kills (within the time limit).

PvP is a different story. In the Crucible, one of two scenarios typically plays out:

1. I pop my super and get killed during the animation before I get a shot off.

2. In order to prevent the first scenario, I pop my super early, hoping to surprise the enemy that's just on the edge of my radar, only to have the time-to-super run out before I close the distance and find the enemy.

Honestly, it's super frustrating for me (no pun intended), so I would appreciate any tips.

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