True. (Destiny)

by ZackDark @, Not behind you. NO! Don't look., Monday, August 12, 2019, 03:36 (119 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Same thing here. All for that sweet sweet two-point-oh. And yet... there are activities that are far more rewarding and edifying that have the same sort of grind with a far more glorious goal at its endcap. Real-life stuff, with far more lasting gains. And I find myself mystified in my own sentience that I can do this without trouble, even though it hurts, yet the things I want to do with a similar sort of grind I've avoided because of the grind.


Nah. GF is out of town, so I'll only get to upgrade that grind mid-September. Everything else is what I'm playing Destiny to forget about.

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