The POWER to play ~ A Work in Progress. (Destiny)

by bluerunner @, Music City, Thursday, August 15, 2019, 11:45 (5 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

While Director's Cut #1 left me with some troubling concerns (as much as a videogame can anyway), Director's Cut #2 of 3 here has me more pleased then not. This is because, for one thing at least, I don't have to guess anymore.

I'm going to leave my largest post for the inevitable 3rd and final post. I'll put a pretty bow on it.

But when we look to the future, we feel like the Power system may benefit from a rework further down the road. There’s real potential in creating more agency for players, figuring out if Power should be prestigious or not, and taking on the challenge of how to keep players relatively close together Season after Season, while still allowing them to make progress.

I'd be happy if they ditched power altogether and replaced that "prestige" with ornaments or other visible badges rather than just a number. But really my only gripe is the rush to level up to raid. I hate that first week or two of each new release. I feel like I have to drop everything and grind or else I will be a hindrance to my raid team.

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