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Sort of, but they went and fucked it up.

The random vex invasions are totally fine on their own, and very cool, but then Bungie went and built a quest step around them that makes them a pure and utter frustration.

Want to try the new 6-player matchmade activity? Well you can’t, not until you

a) find a vex invasion (they’re not indicated on the map in any way, and they’re not very frequent... think D1 public events),

b) hope that if you do find one, the Gate Lord boss is part of it (sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t), and

c) hope that if you find an invasion AND there’s a Gatelord, you’re also in an instance with other players, because you’re not likely to beat the invasion by yourself.

Ok, got all that? Now do it 3 TIMES.

Seriously, this is the kind of awful game design that just ruins an otherwise great idea. After an hour of driving around the moon looking for invasions, I’ve found 2 of them that had Gatelords, and both times I failed to kill it because the blueberries in the instance were off messing around on the other side of the Hellmouth and didn’t notice what was going on.

I can’t wait until I’m done this quest so I can enjoy these envisions as the cool world events that they are. I just hope we don’t see another quest step like this ever again.

Wow, my experience was light-years different.

I noticed that two of the locations are near the hellmouth, so I went over there. I waited around a bunch for one to spawn, true enough... but one did, and there were a whole bunch of us. We made quick work of it. It had a gatelord.

As it finsihed, a second one spawned in sight (the second hellmouth site). All of us went over there, finished it up.

A third one spawned (where the first one had been). It was a little harder, because I was out of ammo... but we managed.

Total time fighting - about 10 minutes (with no breaks in between). I actually thought they did a pretty good job. :(

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