GoS Raid Success-ish! (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 15:10 (469 days ago) @ cheapLEY

That feeling sucks, but I suspect you are harder on yourself than anything Kermit. I certainly didn’t mind. I’m really happy with our blind run this time. I had a lot of fun.

I’m torn on the jacket situation. I’m a little bummed we didn’t get it done, but now in hindsight I sort of wish I wasn’t spoiled on the last encounter so we could finish our blind run this weekend.

I’m undecided what I’ll do next raid. I’m either going to go non-blind and really make an effort for the jacket (assuming we’re get a full week again), or I’ll forego the jacket and plan a blind run a few weeks after launch. I love blind raiding, but more and more I sort of want to watch the chase for world first.

FWIW, I went into that room as a Warlock after you left the party. Burst Glide lets you clear that space in a single jump. I know it’s much more difficult with the pressure of actually doing the encounter, having to act quickly while getting shot at. But, you can jump all the way over and land basically at the bottom of the stairs that he sits on top of.

Yeah, I could do that with strafe, too, and I'm not sure that strafe doesn't give you more horizontal distance and maneuverability, especially in the blocky tunnel where you have to navigate around stuff while gliding. Another strat is that if it's pretty clear, you don't have to fly down there. I shot the eyes as successfully without traversing the tunnels (as long as I was alive :)).

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