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by marmot 1333 @, Monday, October 28, 2019, 13:31 (537 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

Here are a bunch of my semi-related thoughts on the new armor system:

I agree that MW'ing weapons is even more important now since super charges much slower.

Previously, MW'ing armor was expensive but not super helpful. By the time Shadowkeep hit, I had only done it on 2 or 3 full sets of armor. Now it is both more expensive and more useful.

In retrospect, the advice to shard all mods was a bit misleading. I vaguely remember reading "you will use mod components to buy new mods" but never any information that these would only be available 1 per day for purchase, and may be duplicates that you already have. The change in the mod system from Y1 to Y2 meant Year 1 mods literally stopped working. The change from Year 2 to Year 3 is just "we would prefer you to use Y3 mod system" and you can still add Y2 mods to Y2 armor that you may have. For some reason, I was expecting a Y1-style change and now I don't know whether to shard or keep my just-1-of-each-Y2-mods I have. It just seems weird.

Pros/cons on modding armor 2.0:

- We can finally change what the armor looks like*
- Changing cosmetics is easier / cheaper
- There are some interesting mods that didn't exist before
- Adding / changing mods is cheaper
- I like the energy mod-cost system (in concept...)
- Cool having D1 stats again

- The armor system is confusing (cosmetic limitations, the way energy works, relationship with armor 1.0)
- We can only change our armor to look like SOME of the armors (and which ones is not clear at all)
- Armor 2.0 ends up with fewer perks than armor 1.0 (My Armor 1.0 specialty outfits for Pulse Rifles, ARs, Fusions, Hand Cannons, etc are way better than I will ever be able to create using the current system. What is the motivation to switch over, other than the limited cosmetic changes??)
- It is REALLY EXPENSIVE to get "10 energy" on a piece of armor--this is a negative change from Armor 1.0, which had mods/perks inherent from the get-go without needing to spend any resources
- With 7 energy--which is what you can get using the more common materials--the choices of mods is pretty limited. Lots of "just ok" weapon-type mods cost 5.
- The mod slots prevent using certain mods together
- Elemental affinities are a 2x burden: restrictive for mods, but also trapped behind dumb layer of RNG (All 3 of my higher-total helmets so far are Arc.)
- Armor "total" stat is completely random and high-power armor only comes from limited activities (IB and Raid??)
- D1 stats are still completely reliant on RNG

All that being said, here is what I would like from armor 2.0 in the future:
- Any armor can look like any other armor, once you unlock it.
- Elemental affinities should be less of a burden (remove at least one of the barriers listed above)
- Armor 2.0 should be as strong as / have as many perks as Armor 1.0 (Mods cost less energy? Armor gets more energy by default?)
- MW'ing armor should either be cheaper or should not be so useful or game-changing. Those last three energy slots are very costly.

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