Anyone else just playing PC Reach on FFA and Invasion? (Off-Topic)

by FyreWulff, Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 08:36 (638 days ago) @ Spec ops Grunt

Tired of the shitty TU and DMR starts. Wish 343 would just admit already that the Reach TU was the work of amateurs and isn't representative of the game.

God I'm still fuming over when the TU first happened and pc MCC just opened up those old wounds. Anyone remember when 343 first took over and said they were gonna respect Bungie's vision before they absolutely fucked up Halo Reach to satisfy an MLG minority playerbase?

Yep. The TU was straight up underfunded, and unfinished, by 343's -own admission-. There was supposed to be multiple betas and updates for it's settings, they just ended up pushing every single 'feature' from it after MS bumped everyone over to Halo 4 and they called it a day.

It's even worse because a bug saved us from bleedthrough the first time around, but for some reason they decided to waste time fixing that bug and put bleedthrough back in a game that has no feedback for when bleedthrough has been activated. So not only is it them forcing the unfinished, half-baked TU back on the game almost a decade later, that was SOUNDLY rejected by the Reach playerbase (TU had anemic population compared to vanilla after the honeymoon period, and it was like, ~500 people in a TU playlist at best and thousands in Vanilla lists after Halo 4, because everyone that wanted those type of settings had what they wanted in 4), so it's not even the actual TU settings that latercomers would have played back then..

... I really thought 343 had gotten over some of the hubris issues between 4 and now, but it's apparent to me that the nasty situation over Reach's handoff has them still not wanting to let this go.

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