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by cheapLEY @, Sunday, January 05, 2020, 12:38 (266 days ago) @ Cody Miller
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I know. I wouldn’t point to that as a particularly strong section of gameplay. It’s just a miniature open world game without a whole lot going on, and it doesn’t really have any notable affect on the storytelling.

But spending eight hours murdering hundreds of bad guys sure does make it silly when a cutscene happens, and the all of the sudden Nathan is scared of a single guy with a gun. Cut all the gameplay sections out and insert generic action movie sequences, and you’ve already got a decent movie.

It’s not like The Last of Us, where the tension of actually playing the game helps to really drive home the story and put you in the mindset of Joel and Ellie.

Edit: To make it clear, I’m agreeing with you. I only just realized we’re having two different conversations here. I have no idea what 1917 is. You saying Uncharted just made me think of that movie, and how it relates to storytelling with both mediums.

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