The Making of The Outer Wilds (Gaming)

by EffortlessFury @, Monday, January 06, 2020, 03:02 (265 days ago) @ Blackt1g3r

If you haven't played The Outer Wilds yet, you can still watch the video. They'll warn you before the spoilers.

It's this doc that convinced me to try it (again). I didn't even watch it until after I beat it; its release was just the last straw.

I tried it closer to when it came out, but it didn't quite click with me. It also didn't help that the test rocket played more like those (IMO annoying) lunar lander flash games of old. I don't think I did anything beyond explore the moon's Eye Tracker and then stopped playing from all the little negative things adding up. I came out with the impression that "It's a lunar lander type game and I loathe those controls. This game is just not for me."

However, I was convinced to revisit the game after I regularly saw praise floating around my internet travels culminating with the release of this documentary. And lemme tell you...

I'm glad I did. What a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Only thing I'll say is that I looked up the solutions to a puzzle or two and that does dampen the final emotional impression at completion. Totally my fault, I should've slowed down and been more thorough. Still, highly recommended.

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