Season of the Dawn Mods (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Tuesday, January 07, 2020, 06:53 (187 days ago) @ Claude Errera

Has anyone experimented with the Season of the Dawn Mods? You know, the ones that let you become "Charged with Light" and then do stuff?

I've tried a couple of times to read their descriptions and see what can be done, but it's a little like somebody cut up all the paragraphs in the rules to a board game and threw them in a bag, and I'm pulling them out one by one, so I just keep giving up.

Are there any simple combinations of the mods that demonstrate their potential?

I played with Taking Charge and High Energy Light - taking charge gives you a Charged with Light increment for every orb picked up, and High Energy Light gives you a weapon damage bonus when charged (you consume one Charge for each enemy you kill). Was like a free Kill Clip simply by picking up orbs. Seems to stack with other weapon damage buffs.

So it seems like they're giving us the pieces to spec out an entire fireteam with mods in such a way that we can create a cycle of mutual buffs all around. Similar to what I think was intended with the Aeon exotics. This would be a lot more labor-intensive, though.

I can't help but consider how easy a well-tuned fireteam would have it if a bunch of these mutual buffs were active. It would take some practice proc'ing them though, similar to how group tactics proc Rat Pack. But it would probably make T3 Reckoning, Raids, Nightmare Hunts, really any high-level PvE activities, a lot easier. Nice that there would be no need to equip any exotics to do it, too. Which means there would still be room to improve on that fireteam build by actually using the exotics...

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