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Continued from above...
I'm the Traveler ya'll!

You already knew that. I post here.

Thanos Gameplay

So... about a week ago, Clan DBO was out playing some PVP. Well folks, one of our games was by far the most balanced game of PVP I have ever played. I clipped what I could from this game. Note the End Card.

For those of us who were in this game, this was the one where "Awkwardave" was pulling a full on, amazingly skilled Legolas Impression with No Turning Back.
Speaking of Profiles in Skill

Watch "| SugerSenpai |" melt down the other team one at a time.

I messaged at the end of the game; "Well played. *Applause*"


Ya got to Believe!


Zero Hour - Glass Cannon "Glitch" Modifier

Ok, so first things first, I've talked about this already. It isn't a modifier, as far as I know, it's a mistake. But I don't want it to be. I want it to be a Glass Cannon Modifier. If you aren't careful, you can still be down VERY Easily, but you can also return that damage in spades.

On that note... while I did my second heroic lone wolf run... I kind of had to.

That super just MELTS the tank. IT'S GLORIOUS! XD

Wait... there are other games then Destiny 2? (From Any Time)


And finally, because it seems my rough 5 min edit was too low key...


Perfection. I was going to do more, but I couldn't work any more. I just kept laughing. So I called it. It's done.

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