TWAB: Short Term Memory Edition (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, May 08, 2020, 10:18 (139 days ago) @ Morpheus

Each Season we will deliver an aspirational pursuit for armor. We haven’t done this consistently in Destiny 2.

...like the armor and weapons you've tied to every single season since Forsaken?

They haven’t. We haven’t had aspirational armor since the last raid in October. EDIT: Trials armor, duh. So we went two seasons without any.

Going forward, Aspirational Activities will reward players with power, items, and vanity.

So, weapons, armor and I can only assume shaders. What's new.

When we build an Aspirational Activity it will have at least one accessory to pursue.

The ship, then.

Yeah, that’sa huge deal. Instead of buying the gear that’s obviously Pit of Heresy themed from the Eververse, you’ll get from playing Pit of Heresy. (They specifically said you won’t for Pit of Heresy, but with future activities you won’t see dungeon themed stuff in Eververse.)

Destiny’s next Raid will have brand new Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories to pursue (no spoilers).

(No shit). Every single raid that has ever been created since the Vault of Glass had brand new Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories. Jesus.

Have you ever played either of the Leviathan Lairs or Garden of Salvation. Those armor sets aren’t brand new.

Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities.


See the point about Pit of Heresy above.

We are adding a new set of Armor for the core playlists (Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible)

Thorium Holt, Ancient Apocalypse, and Wing Theorem. Deja Vu?

We will create new sets like this each Year (e.g., Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, etc.)

So now instead of making sets for every season, you're gonna make sets for every four seasons. Well, less clutter for the Vault.

This is something people have been asking for for basically the entirety of Destiny 2. Yearly vendor refreshes is a pretty good thing. I’d much rather see three new sets a year that I can get but just playing the activities instead of one set and an ornament I can get each season by grinding out shitty bounties endlessly. Also, I bet the seasonal sets don’t disappear anyway.

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