Transistor called... (Gaming)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, June 02, 2020, 15:47 (116 days ago) @ Korny

Forgive the off topic post—I thought this might make for an interesting thread.

I’ve been thinking about great video game music lately (due in part to replaying a bit of Morrowind), and I stumbled upon this video. Every single song is instantly recognizable...

A soundtrack so good that there's a dedicated button to hum along to it...

It's definitely good. I don't play enough games to know, but some I listen to are The Last of Us, Journey, ODST, Reach, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not to suck up to Marty, but Music of the Spheres is amazing. Destiny music in general is excellent.

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