How was Transistor? (Gaming)

by marmot 1333 @, Wednesday, June 03, 2020, 20:22 (146 days ago) @ DiscipleN2k

I thought it was really good. I finally played it last November, and ended up playing it again as soon as I was done with the first playthrough.

You should look at the thread that Pyro linked above, some other people gave their opinions.

The combat system can have tons of combinations (permutations?) since each skill can be used as a primary, secondary, or passive. This is why I ended up playing through a second time: you carry over all the skills and can get a duplicate of each skill in new game plus. So you can use a skill as a primary action but also use the secondary effect of the skill at the same time (which you can't do during the first playthrough).

As far as traversing the world goes, it's rather linear--there are a few things you could miss, but it's fairly easy to find everything. The art is cool, the story is pretty good, and the music is really good. It has the same narrator as Bastion.

However, the real fun is in the battle system, which you can toggle between real time and turn based at any moment. For harder fights, it is good to meticulously plan our your movements and actions; once you get some good power combos you can just whale on easier enemies.

It's been a few months so I forget the skill names, but I ended up really liking a certain combo: a Ranged, Area of Effect, Stun Attack as my opening move and then a lunge + power smash move to finish off enemies.

All that being said, yeah, it's a cool game and worth playing.

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