Disintegration is disappointing? Discuss dis. (Gaming)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 06:52 (588 days ago)
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Reviews for Disintegration are popping up, and it currently sits at 60 on Metacritic.

Reviewers almost universally point out the campaign as the weakest part of the package, which is funny, since it's the one part many of us were eager to hold out for after that bleh multiplayer beta.

Disintegration is a somewhat fractured experience. The game’s quirky combination of shooter and strategy mechanics works, and multiplayer is a lot of frantic fun, but its single-player campaign suffers from some oversights, technical issues, and monotonous design. If Disintegration is a hit, I suspect it will be for its multiplayer, so while I’m being a bit conservative with my score now, the game will hopefully hover to new heights as PvP content is added. Whether you want to jump on your Gravcycle now is up to you.

-WCCFTECH (75) (Highest Score Review)

Disintegration’s core idea of blending a first-person shooter with a strategy game is neat, but it takes so many missteps that the promising concept gets lost. The action is repetitive, and the basic mission design is tired – you can’t even save the game mid-mission, which is particularly baffling. Amid the tedium, I had an occasional moments of fun in Disintegration, but those moments were fleeting.

-Game Informer (60) (Middlest Score Review)

So much of Disintegration is just puzzling. It manages to eke out a space in a hybrid genre but never manages to capitalize on this newfound territory. It offers squad upgrades and control over their movement as a group but fails to let you select who to take with you on a mission or give you control over individual units. You’re given a flying hovercraft but you’re constantly butting up against invisible walls and fences one inch higher than you can fly. It’s unfortunate when a game is bad and broken, but it’s a damn shame when a game is forgettable. Disintegration does not feel up to scratch for a game releasing in 2020.

-Shacknews (40) (Lowest Score Review)

I still hope this game comes to Gamepass.

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