In happier news, No Man's Sky gets universal crossplay! (Gaming)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 07:14 (541 days ago) @ Korny

With tomorrow's update, gaming's greatest redemption story (dead serious), No Man's Sky, will have full crossplay between PC, PS4, and Xbox.

Better yet, it will also be available on Gamepass, both on console and PC.
Lots of us have mentioned what a great game it's become, and it still continues to get better!

If you have an hour to spare and haven't caught this yet, check out the Internet Historian's near-hour-long (worth every second) retelling of the history of No Man's Sky, from the studio's humble beginnings, to the game's catastrophic launch, to their redemption.

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