What is your Favorite Destiny Environment? (Destiny)

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You are so right, MacAddictXIV, they are all quite well done. Lots of calls with the Ethereal-esk places so far. D1 Lighthouse, The Dreaming City, Venus/Vault Of Glass. Different shades of beauty and memories made.

What is my Favorite Destiny Environment?

Well, first I should preclude this with my enjoyment in environmental storytelling. The inhabiting space being the mechanism to tell you story, be it interpreted or directed. Helps with the whole "elicit wonder" thing. I enjoy walking through a space and going "what if." What could these walls tell? And I also want to say that while many of Destinies spaces have their elements of storytelling, it is just that this space on Titan "calls" to me the most. It is a very EXACTING area, with an exact look, as there are many Environmental Appearances on Titan. Industrial to... Corrupted. Fortunately, a fair amount of these spaces I'm about to denote can be seen while on Patrol. No Strikes are required. You can go and see them right now before Titan goes into the Vault. (Where did the find the space for that! :P)

It's a shame that it will be gone in a few months time without more being done to build upon the space.

When we first enter the SOLARIUM in the story mission called "Utopia" (more on that in a moment), a message is given noting that the "experts" are not concerned that the Traveler has moved to Io. That's COOL!

To the left as you enter through the hole in the solar panel looklike "tiles", you have the Arboretum. That space in whole which you can traverse during patrol is fantastic. Again, no Strike Required.

To the door on the right, it leads to the Festering Halls. Not all parts are immediately corrupted. As you walk through the halls, you'll run past a robotic vacuum, dutifully unaware that its likely creators are gone. You then meet up to what I guess are apartments, and than up to a Screen(?) of blue light which is the limit, patrol wise. If you go after that you have gone too far, as that very dark room is where the look starts to change to Hive corruption.

That is what you can see in patrol.

In the story mission "Utopia", you can see more of this aesthetic. Fortunately, Utopia was a mission you could play on the 8th of July, so I grabbed some clips.

All that, plus the music of the space... it has to be my Favorite Destiny Environment. It's a shame they didn't use it more, if no more comes of it in this season. It's just so cool. It's the CoDMW "All Ghillied Up" of Destiny for me.

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