Deep Rock Galactic is on GamePass (Off-Topic)

by stabbim @, Des Moines, IA, USA, Thursday, November 05, 2020, 12:53 (320 days ago)

I've posted about this game before, but thought it was worth bringing up again since it's now on Game Pass. It's an excellent class-based co-op shooter. I mean Left 4 Dead/Iron Brigade level excellence (#opinion). It's an FPS, but a lot of the fun has to do with exploring the fully destructible, procedurally generated caves (I know, I know, but this might be the best use of the tech I've seen) and combining the different classes' traversal and combat abilities to get everyone through the level. Gameplay aside, the other thing DRG is known for is being player friendly. They just did a free update a couple of weeks ago with 2 new mission types, and they only had 5 at launch so that's a significant expansion of the options. The next one in January should be adding 2 new biomes.

There's a few around here who play it already, give it a shot and join up! It's much better with friends. If you're not on Game Pass, it's only a $30 game. There is crossplay between XBox and PC, but only if the PC player has the Windows Store version, not the Steam version.

I'll let SkillUp help me sell it (although I think the combat part is better than he does):

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